Daniel Sanchez

Daniel Sanchez in West Palm Beach Florida. Let him help you with your Web Development needs.

[twocol_one] Daniel Sanchez works and lives in West Palm Beach Florida. He works extensively in the development and coding field of all things web related. His specialties are taking a website design and turning it into a working website. He is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Ajax, PHP, MySQL and jQuery to name a few languages. He is also a budding Facebook app developer and has literally hundreds of web projects under his belt. Daniel has freelanced and worked with design agencies during his career. Lately he has begun to explore iOS app development.

He works with a variety of website hosting companies and their various control panels. Cpanel and Plesk are two that he has great deal of experience with. He works primarily building websites in the extremely popular content management system WordPress. From custom post types to custom plugins he can do it all. When developing for an e-commerce site his forte is building on the well-established Shopify platform.

Daniel Sanchez

His specialties are taking a Photoshop PSD website design and turning it into a working website.

Gender: Male
Birth Date: August 26, 1977
Email: daniel@sanchezmedia.com
Phone: 561-444-8135
Nationality: American

Seeks: Web Development
Works For:

Title: Owner, Developer



Back in November 2011 Daniel joined a young team of professionals at New Epic Media as the lead programmer/Web Developer. He was responsible for taking website designs from photoshop and building them into fully functioning websites. Daniel mostly use WordPress but other content management systems have been used, as well as e-commerce solutions like Shopify and Magento. Other responsibilities include using PHP and other programming languages to modify or build functionality into websites. Daniel also implement social media API (Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In, etc.) like sharing and likes into new or existing website.

Due to the economy, between early 2009 to late 2011 Daniel was unemployed. I spent most of my time as a first time, full time father and he dabbled with PHP, MySQL, XML and some other languages. Daniel also went back to school for programming.

For little more than a year from early 2008, Daniel worked at Bankrate, Inc. The web’s leading aggregator of financial rate information. He was brought in as a temporary solutions for the company to help them make the move to there current Content Management System. Daniel managed and created web pages using HTML and ASP, designed and edited graphics and managed the day to day functioning of the website.

Between 2001 and 2008 Daniel was located at Schaefer, Fagan & Associates, Inc. a civil engineering firm in Palm Beach County. Daniel mostly spent my time developing a localized real estate website for subdivisions. This was done with ASP, SQL, AutoCAD and GIS. We had a few working site but due to the economy starting to tank we slowing started to shut it down. Daniel also provided some drafting, computer networking and converted lots of AutoCAD drawings into full colored renderings with Photoshop.

When Daniel finished tech school he started at his first real job as a draftsman at Song and Associates. Between 1998 and 2001 Daniel spent his time converting hand sketches ideas into Autocad drawings for constructions. Daniel also made a lot of architectural rendering of projects for presentations. They started off as prints of the front elevations and we would use color pencils, markers and airbrush to get the effect we wanted. When large format color plotter started getting more affordable we started using photoshop. This pushed Daniel to get more into graphics. Before leaving, the company was moving to the world of the internet. Being one of the youngest and with a little background in computers Daniel was asked if the company could have a website. That was the beginning for Daniel

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