About Sanchez Media

Learn more about Sanchez Media and Daniel Sanchez. We focus on CAD Drafting, Web Development and any other related services.

Sanchez Media is a CAD Drafting and Web Development Consultant Company. We are located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our services include but limited to 2D CAD Drafting and Web Development for personal, small or large businesses. Because we are a small studio, we choose our clients carefully.


January of 2015, Sanchez Media start provide CAD services full time.

In December 2013, Daniel Sanchez decided to restart Sanchez Media as a full time web development consulting company. This was due to downsizing of his current employer (New Epic Media) and economy. Not wanting to sit around waiting to get hired again, Daniel starting doing thing for himself. It started with a few small site developments and lead to larger projects. Daniel now provides full services to the local community in South Florida.

Back in September 11, 2003; Sanchez Media was founded by Daniel Sanchez in an attempt to provide graphic, web development and video services to selected organizations. While the organizations were mostly non-profit, it was a way to help provide a service to groups that could not afford this high cost of development or production. Daniel Sanchez provided the services as part time work on the side at a low cost to a small clientele. All this was being done while being employed full time at Schaefer, Fagan & Associates. After about 3 years, Sanchez Media was dissolved due to lack of time he could spend on projects. Read more about Daniel Sanchez history.

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